Help me find Scatman's naked lady
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Looking for a painting/image from Kubrick's "The Shining".

It's the painting of the naked woman hanging above Scatman's bed in Miami. Here it is. Anyone have any ideas about identification? Is it a "known" painting/image? Anywhere I could buy a replica/poster? Looked online but can't seem to find much. Thanks for any help
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Response by poster: Hmm, that's the idea, thanks, but even if I were to commission a work based on it (which would be hilariously over the top), I'd still need a higher quality version of the image. I'm looking for info about that exact painting. I've tried looking for production notes and things to see if there's a title or artist or anything else that would identify it, but no luck.
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This looks familiar to me, and may have been a 1970s era poster. Tineye shows nothing similar, unfortunately. Nor was a search at Getty Images fruitful ("nude black woman" > One Person > Vertical > Side View).

It's not explicit enough to be a Playboy gatefold (and the size is wrong anyway). Sorry, I just have a hunch here, but it's not panning out.
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The Kubrick Archive may be able to help you with identification.
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