Looking for a collection of urban street photographs...
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Looking for online collections of photographs in which numerous images of a street scene are merged together to form single pictures.

I remember seeing a really interesting set of pictures in which several photographs of people pouring out of buildings were merged together so that it looked like smoke/dry ice was flowing out of the entrance. Another set of pictures (possibly by the same artist) involved stacking multiple pictures of the same scene then editing out everyone except those who were doing a certain thing, such as using iPods, smoking or wearing white clothes.

I think these pictures were on MetaFilter a few years ago, but I've done quite a lot of searching and found nothing. I'd really like to see these pictures again, but links to similar styles of work would also be appreciated. Thanks!
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Best answer: Peter Funch. Not sure about the dry ice bit, though.

Thanks for making me google that up. I loved his work when I saw it but wouldn't have taken the time to find him otherwise.
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Those Peter Funch pictures are not multiple pictures...they are panoramas. They're not even that wide angle.
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The Peter Funch pictures are multiple pictures, composited together. Seriously, just look at them (or Google his name, or whatever).
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Funch's pictures are an amazing job of compositing. Hilarious! I had never seen them before this post. Thanks for the link.
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I remember a really awesome scene that I've been trying to find without luck which was a white horse and I think a girl and it was multiple images composited together and there was maybe snow. It was a very sweet, sort of magical scene and it's going to drive me crazy if I can't find it. However, it's a different sort of thing where it's all staged and composited as opposed to Peter Funch's photos where he's taking many photos on the scene and putting those together.

I also recall a photo, perhaps Funch, with people crossing over a bridge in London. Also, I feel like there were similar photos from Russia? Sorry, I'm not much direct help but it's jogging my memory.
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Best answer: Here's something: http://www.homato.com/2005_8.html
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Peter Funch is great. And yeah, they are really well done, but obviously mutliple shots.
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Response by poster: wemayfreeze: thanks a lot, that's exactly who I was thinking of.

amanda: that picture is great, thanks too!

It's a pity we've had no luck with the 'smoke' pictures, since they were also really good. I'll just keep searching, I guess...
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Response by poster: OK, I finally found the 'smoke/dry ice' pictures: City of Shadows, pictures of St Petersburg by Alexey Titarenko
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