A veritable cornucopia of winter squash
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I overdid it a bit at the local farmer's market, I'd like some ideas on what to do with all the winter squash I bought.

I got some buttercup, butternut, acorn, spaghetti squash and, kinda stumped for inspiration on how to cook them beyond cutting them in half/baking in the oven, which is how I usually cook acorn squash. I've been browsing epicurious, but nothing is really making me salivate like Pavlov's dog like this recipe did.

I'm looking for recipes for a main course or, side dishes for supper. Baked, stuffed, roasted, soup, vegetarian or, not I'm open to ideas and, suggestions.
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A hash might be pretty good. With some herbs, not sure if the ham is needed (of course sauteed in a little duck fat sounds good...)
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I just made: Butternut Squash with Shallots and Sage -- yum yum yum.
Acorn Squash with Chili Vinaigrette is another winner.
Finally, this Butternut Squash Gratin with Goat Cheese and Hazelnuts is time-consuming but was a big hit at a Thanksgiving potluck one year.
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Once you've roasted them, scoop out the flesh. Blend with chicken stock, a touch of nutmeg, and a little olive oil. Makes a great and hearty soup that you can freeze.
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I just peeled and cubed a butternut squash and roasted it with 1" pieces of thick cut bacon (onion or shallot is good too), a little olive oil and some herbs, and then served over pasta with wilted chard. It works with other winter squashes as well. 400 degrees for about 45 minutes, then wilt the chopped chard with the pasta water. Very good with cheese too (feta, or ricotta salata, or romano), and even pretty good without the bacon.

My grandparents used to steam and mash winter squash and then freeze it and we'd eat it all year round. It's a good addition to any vegetable soup or chili even in mush form and wonderful on its own with a dab of butter, much better than the little bricks of frozen squash you get at the supermarket. They grew it so they really had a ton of it, but I'll probably do this toward the end of the season when everyone's a little tired of it.
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I made this Acorn Squash Soup and it was absolutely delicious. Seriously delicious. I also froze about 3/4th of it and it froze and thawed really well. Great for making now and freezing and then eating after you've polished off the rest of the squash!
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nthing soup + freeze. Butternut mashed w/ chipotle (one pepper from the can, plus some of the adobo sauce, with or without the seeds) is also a winner. And 101 Cookbooks is big on squashy stuff.
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Squash pie is just as good as pumpkin pie, if a little different.
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Preheat your oven to 425˚F. Halve squash the equivalent of a 2-lb. butternut and cook, cut side up and covered with foil, until tender. Remove from oven, and using a spoon, remove stringiness and seeds.

Scoop out the cooked flesh out into a bowl and reserve the (hopefully still-intact) skins. Reduce oven temp to 350˚F.

In the bowl, blend the squash flesh, 2 tbsp. creme fraiche, 1/2 tsp dried sage and salt/pepper to taste with a fork or food processor. Return this mixture to the squash halves.

Sprinkle approx 2 tbsp. Parmigiano Reggiano on each squash half. Return squash halves to oven, uncovered, and cook until brown on top.
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I like to sautee squash slices in olive oil and garlic, and put in my pasta.
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A recipe I came up with when faced with too much squash was to roast it and serve with bitter greens in a salad.

Cube squash (I think I used butternut) into bite-size chunks and lay out on foil-lined sheet (foil is easier to clean later).
Heat molasses with balsamic vinegar and some olive oil in a pan until simmering. If I remember I used about a 2:2:1 ratio of molasses:olive oil:balsamic.
Toss this mixture with the cubed squash. Salt.
Roast till tender. Fun fact: butternut squash skin can be left on, it goes all gummy and lovely when roasted.
Toss the roasted squash with toasted pecans and a bitter green (I'm partial to mustard greens) with a little more olive oil and balsamic.
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This Roasted Corn Pudding in Acorn Squash recipe from 101 cookbooks is on my list. Cubed, roasted squash tossed with sliced sausage and sauteed kale is also delicious.
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I love this recipe: Butternut Squash With Wild Rice And Creamy Walnut Sauce
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The great thing about winter squash is that it lasts a long time. You don't need to rush to use them all up. Stored in a cool place, they will last for months (though I'd eat the spaghetti squash first).
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Here is my standby for butternut squash: reBar restaurant's three sisters burrito

And here's what it looks like.

Alternatively I'd mash up some roasted squash with pesto and pine nuts and add some carmalized onions and roll up some nice little phyllo packets.
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You can store them either in the fridge or in a cellar - they should keep up to 2 months under the right conditions. If you want, canning them is a good option.
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Simple: Have me over. I put away winter squash like it was rare. Oh, wait, it IS rare, anywhere I've lived except SE Michigan, and South Africa (oddly enough).

For the butternut (my current favorite, but not the one I was raised on), I prefer to roast whole, the shell in tact. It helps to turn them over half-way through, to get the natural sugars to stay more evenly distributed. After cooking, let it cool a bit, then slice open, scoop out the seeds, then scoop out the fabulous pulp. The pulp freezes well, in my experience. Any of the others that are essentially non-stringy orange pulp inside will behave similarly, except for acorn, which has too little flesh inside to bother with, IMO.
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My favorite use for butternut is soup. There are a million recipes on Epicurious. I'm partial to the ones with a bit of cayenne, myself.
Acorn: split, roast, serve with butter and brown sugar (or maple syrup).
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Looks like acorn/butternut is covered, but you also mentioned spaghetti squash, which is amazing stuff - you can prepare it like other winter squash, if you want, but you can also pretty much treat it like pasta. My favorite is a tomatoes and cheese "spaghetti casserole" from the Moosewood cookbook.
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You could make a squash risotto -- roast the squash in then oven till soft, then mash it up & add it to the finished risotto shortly before serving. Maybe add some Parmesan cheese as well!

Soup is always a good one as well!

& I just made a great butternut squash pasta the other night -- sautee an onion, then add a couple pounds of diced squash & a few leaves of minced sage. Add 1C vegetable broth & simmer covered for a few minutes (just till the squash is soft), then uncover & add 1/2C cream & simmer uncovered till thickened. Toss the sauce over 1lb cooked pasta & add Parmesan cheese, salt, & pepper to taste.
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Squash Curry:
Roast two large butternut squash whole, and cube the cooked flesh. Dice a medium onion and saute in 1/4 cup oil with salt, pepper, and curry powder to taste. When the onion is cooked, add 3/4 cup cooked chickpeas and the cubed squash and heat the mixture through. Serve over couscous.
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Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian has a recipe for Bengali Squash that's delicious. I think it's called Bengali Kaddu. The squash is cubed and cooked with a bunch of spices, and then mashed. It's a little sweet and has a kick from the peppers and the mustard seeds. I can't find the exact recipe online, but this is very close. It's similar to the recipe you linked to so I bet you'd like it.

My dad halves squashes (usually acorn) and stuffs them with a wild rice, cranberry, and hazelnut pilaf. That's a good main dish for vegetarians. Sorry, no recipe, but you could find any pilaf dish you like and use that, and the squash part is just halved and roasted.

I also really like butternut and chickpea salad with tahini.
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Seconding aimedwander on treating spaghetti squash like pasta. It's great with marinara and garlic bread. Add sliced grilled zucchini for extra yum.

Also, squashes make good tempura. It might sound odd, but it's true. Pumpkin, especially.

Butternut squash makes a good souffle, like pumpkin or sweet potato.
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Not particularly helpful but funny: IT'S DECORATIVE GOURD SEASON, MOTHERFUCKERS from McSweeney's.
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Mine will keep in the basement all winter, they dont have to be eaten at once.
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Make squash gnocchi. It's a little fiddly to get right (I haven't got it right yet, or I'd link a recipe) but it tastes pretty good.

As someone else mentioned, you can freely substitute squash for pumpkin, so you could also look into making squash breads and muffins.
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Thanks everyone, there are some great ideas.

I'm not worried about storing them, figure they'll be ok for another few months stashed in the cool closet they're in.

min, bullseye with the Bengali Squash. I love (LOVE) Indian, Middle Eastern and Thai food, the spices and, competing flavours.

Gooffy, dueling forks at dawn over the butternut. All we had growing up was acorn squash, the other varieties are a first for me.

Looks like a run to the grocery store is in order.

There's a nip in the air and my house is full of mutant fucking squash.

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Olla Gitana or Gypsy Soup, just in time for All Saint's Day!

Other options:
Squash Soup with Pear, Cider, and Vanilla Bean
Apple and Squash Soup
Sausage and Apple-Stuffed Squash
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We've been crazy about stuffed squash this season: you basically cut the thing in half; put in bread cubes, spices (I like a little sage, thyme, rosemary), salt & pepper; pour in some milk (or cream or buttermilk or soymilk); top with cheese, and bake for ~ an hour at 350-375.

I've done it with acorn squashes and small pumpkins, and it's delicious!

Here's another version: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/fall/autumn-supper-savory-stuffed-pumpkin-099843
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