Using spirit gum to attach a prosthetic near my real hair
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Tell me about using spirit gum near my actual hair.

My Halloween costume has a prosthetic that I intend to attach to the top of my head. The prosthetic came with a tube of spirit gum as an adhesive. I've never used spirit gum before... is it okay to use it near hair? Will it stick? Will I be able to remove it afterwards? Is there a better alternative?

(this is the prosthetic... it's a latex bolt-looking thing with a thin flower of flesh-colored latex as the base)
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Best answer: Sure, just use the spirit gum remover (or that blue liquid that comes with hair waxing kits) and it'll come off without pulling your hair out.

I have used spirit gum to attach false eyelashes (before I knew better) and I didn't pull out lashes and I didn't go blind, so your hair should be OK.
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Best answer: You can use it near your hair, but try to get as many strands as possible cleared away from the area beforehand, just to make it easier. Using it ON your hair is a bad idea, if only because it won't stick very well and will look unrealistic. Don't apply too much, because that stuff is messy and can get all over the place before you know it.

Let the spirit gum get a little "tacky" before you apply the prosthetic--don't try to slap it on immediately after the spirit gum.

You absolutely need spirit gum remover. Use it liberally. If any spirit gum or spirit gum remover got into your hair, just give it a quick shampoo & rinse after you're finished using the prosthetic.

I've used spirit gum on my forehead right up by my hairline before (for gore prosthetics and bald caps), and it's worked great--held up all night.
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Best answer: WHen it comes time to remove it, just take care to let the remover stuff soak in before you try to pull off the crust. You need to soften and dissolve the spirit gum residue BEFORE you pull, or you'll rip your hair.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, it worked great even though I ended up using it directly on my hair. You're right that it would've looked unrealistic, castlebravo, except that the prosthetic was a bloody wound so it made it look better that it made my hair look matted.

Came out with no problem with just a few swabs of remover last night and I'm not bald or anything today.
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