With the Girl Beatles?
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I am looking for an album I found in a junk shop many years ago. The album was recorded by an all-girl quartet from Liverpool who cut an entire album of Beatles songs. They had a name that evoked the Fab Four (my recollection seems to be "She-Beatles" or "Beat-Elles", but nothing under either name comes up on Google) and the cover was an homage to With the Beatles. The liner notes on the back detailed the similarities between the Beatles and the all-girl band portraying them, but ended with a sentence like "...and they would like to be judged on their own merits". The album came out around '64 and was contemporary with the Beatles. Unfortunately, my Google fu is failing me. Can anyone out there help me ID this album/band?
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The Sweetles?
posted by dances_with_sneetches at 10:35 AM on October 29, 2009

Best answer: Was it the Beatle Buddies?
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There were a few of these, but you may be thinking of The Beatlettes.
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Response by poster: Hydrophonic, WE HAVE A WINNER!
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My mistake -- I was thinking of the Beatle Buddies cover shot and and got sidetracked to a distaff currently-active cover band. I think there was a sixties-era Beatlettes as well, but I can find no link.
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