Video Sharing Websites?
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Can anyone recommend a video sharing web service for private viewing? In other words not you tube.

I trying out Smugmug but, at $60.00/year, it's a little pricey.
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vimeo offers password protected videos
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I like Vimeo's style and usability and they seem to keep out a lot of the junk that you see on You Tube.
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Viddler also allows you to mark videos private.
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Youtube has a private option: when you edit a video you can change it to Private (Viewable by up to 25 people) - although they have to have a youtube account.

You can't upload purely commercial stuff on Vimeo or it will get removed.
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You can upload videos to Flickr, which you can make viewable to only your contacts.
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dailymotion has a private video option which doesn't require membership or passwords.
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You could check out They have several different sharing account options, one of which is free.
posted by in the methow at 5:28 PM on October 29, 2009 allows you to upload video and share with specific folk. 2gb for free
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