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Apple AirPort Express wireless music question.

I know iTunes has an option to play music via the speaker-output port on the AirPort Express base station. How do I route all of my computer's audio output through that?
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Response by poster: ...On a MacBook, OS X 10.6.1
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Best answer: Apple doesn't have it but you can get Airfoil for about $25 which will let you do that. Airfoil I am have been happy with it although sometimes YouTube videos start playing in the tv room and I scare the shit out of my roommates.
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Yeah, you need Airfoil to do it.
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Response by poster: I'm giving it a shot now...
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Note that airfoil will have a delay, so you won't be good at watching movies unless you use the included airfoil video player.
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I mean "it won't be good for"; I'm sure you'll be fine at watching them. :)
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Response by poster: Ok, so that's pretty cool. But when I play videos via Hulu or YouTube, with Safari selected as my source in AirFoil, there's a big delay. Solutions?
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From what I've found, there's no way around the delay within Safari. It's a limitation inherent with the AirPort Express. (More Info)
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The delay isn't with Safari, its with the high latency wireless connection.

You'll have to find a video player that will let you adjust video delay, like VLC, or use the included Airfoil Video Player, then download the flash video to play in one of those players.

What you probably want is a set of wireless speakers, although you still may encounter some latency.
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