Any pitfalls to getting new Windows 7 multimedia machines that will be running Adobe Master Suite CS4?
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There's not a lot of info on either Adobe or MS's web sites about compatibility problems between Adobe CS4 Suite apps (particularly Premier, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator CS4 versions). They suggest it's okay but don't come right out and say compatible (at least not where I have read). Any horror stories before I let our IT people order new Win 7 machines?
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Flash CS4 installed fine on Windows 7 here, and is running with no trouble.
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Personal experience only... but I've installed CS4's master suite on maybe 4-5 different Win7 installs so far, varying levels of hardware, both 64 bit and 32 bit. While I definitely haven't tested every single plugin and whatnot, I've yet to encounter an issue. Frankly, I never encountered any CS4 issues with the Win 7 RC version from earlier this year, either.
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If it worked on Vista it will almost certainly work on Windows 7. There's not very much different under the hood.
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Nthing all of the above - works fine in Vista, Vista64, Win7 and Win7 64 for me.
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Thanks, all. A nervous co-worker read on some web support forum somewhere that CS4 wouldn't even install in Win7, and I wanted to make sure that was as silly as I thought it was.
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There were issues with Dreamweaver 8.02 (mostly in getting the .02 patch installed.) I used this hint to install the patch and all went well.
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