"I am Batman"
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Halloween costume: "Casual Batman". Help me come up with bat-gadget ideas!

The idea is that Batman woke up this morning and just didn't feel like giving 100%. I'm wearing a Batman mask, a cape, and a hoodie that I have that has the bat-symbol on it. From the waist down I'm going to wear khakis and slippers (casual). I'm having a hard time coming up with bat-gadget ideas!

The only thing I've made so far is a bat-a-rang bottle-opener out of an old machete blade that I had kicking around the garage... Any other "casual-Batman" gadget ideas floating around out there?
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You need a coil of black rope on your belt, and a black flashlight that shines the bat logo (you can cut it out of electrician's tape and stick it on the lens.) Also, it would be funny if Batman sleeps with a Superman doll.
Slick you hair straight up-bats sleep inverted.
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I love this. My ideas:

Bat-mote control
Half-empty pack of Bat-cigarettes
Batbox 360 controller
Batbucks Coffee giftcard
Bat-breath freshener
Can of Axe but relabel it so it says BAT instead of AXE

And, just for kicks, Shark Repellent Bat Spray

(I will probably think of more throughout the day. This is fun!)
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I keep interpreting "casual" as lazy or indifferent, so that's my bad (and why most of these are non-gadgets). But all I can think of is 1.)Telescoping back/bat scratcher (dramatically pull out, extend, and then scratch) 2.) Aspirin (What's that knock-out gas pellets? No I have a headache). 3.) Cheap disposable camera (Well, I could develop this at the bat-cave... but it's a monday). 4.) As a replacement for a bat-torch I'd just use a cheap lighter 5.) It wouldn't be great for a party but some kind of personal alarm (the kind they target at kids walking home from school). Maybe you could make one that lamely says "Please send help, please send help". 6.) Mini traffic cones! You could come in all "I'll handle this" and then just place some traffic cones around the person/area.
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If you could somehow get a torch (I believe you call them "flashlights") and print onto a transparency to illuminate against a wall the batman logo and the following text:
You have reached Batman. Thank you for your Bat-signal. Our office hours are from 9-5, Monday through Friday. Your signal is important. Please flash your signal on and off to leave a message. Thank you.
That would be excellent.
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And make sure you don't shave...
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Casual batman needs ductape.
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Make sure to write "Bat-thermal Underwear" across the back waistband of your underwear, just in case you bend over.
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A pocket fisherman would be good if you can find one. Somehow I think casual Batman would need a yoyo on his belt but I don't know why.
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Leatherman multi-tool? Although that's bordering on something Batman would really have.

Seconding the big roll of duct tape. Just wear it on your side and run the belt right through it. If you (as opposed to Casual Batman) want to go the extra mile, place little bat logo stickers around the outside so it's not duct tape, but special Bat Duct Tape.

Wait a minute. You made a batarang bottle opener out of a machete?? We're just wasting your time here, aren't we?
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Somewhere on the back of the utility belt, have some sort of ID with Bruce Wayne's name on it that you "forgot" about. If anyone points it out, grumble "oh shit" and hastily stuff it in your pants.
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Casual Batman would most definitely wear a Slanket.
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Batnetbook. If you have a Mac laptop, gin up a Batsignal-type overlay for the glowing logo. Netflix mailer, changed to "Batflix."

Also, have someone call you on your Batcell periodically and have a convo that goes something like: "I'm busy. No, I can't. Damnit, Tim, you said you could handle--look, we have fought the Joker a hundred times if we've fought him once." *pause* "Hit him in the jaw." *pause again* "Well, then hit him again. Look, call Batgirl--you know, your ex-girlfriend. Maybe she can knock out Joker without help." *pause* "I'm busy with stuff. Don't call again." *hang up* "Sidekicks--what ya gonna do?" *shrug*
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I love this idea.

Brown paper bag with Bat symbol on it. "Bat-lunch"

Tin of Altoids relabeled "BATOIDS"

That's all I got right now.
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Ha, I'm going as Aquaman on his day off (green track pants, orange sweatshirt, slippers, etc.) We should team up. Or not. Whatever. I'm not even supposed to be here today.
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Whatever you do, stick to Christian Bale Batman Voice.
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Batman is all about his grappling-hook gun. I'd get a cheap power drill, spraypaint it yellow, and hook the front up to a coil of some kind of cable. On the other end, attach some sort of metal doohickey you can pretend his his grapnel, and stick that to a beer can. Now, you're Batman using his grappling gun to fetch beers. If you're really crafty, you might even be able to rig the drill so that it winds in the cable when you turn it on.

Also, remember the Batmobile! If you have a car, just crudely stick on some bat logos. Just remember not to use anything too adhesive that will damage your finish. But the less Batmobile-like the car, the better.
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Haha, this is great stuff guys :) I wish I had been on all day so that I could have responded earlier.. I love the duct-tape with the bat signals on it.. I wish I had the ability to print a transparency, cause the fake bat signal answering machine idea is hilarious! I'm starting to think maybe I'll put my bat-a-rang bottle opener on one of those spring loaded janitor key holders that sucks the keys back up to your belt when you drop them...

And I'm definitely carrying a bat-lunch ;)
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Just realized today that Batman must have left his Bat-belt at home that day, cause he's definitely gonna be rocking a Bat-fanny-pack :P It's just so much more casual...
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