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my dog bled on my blanket (i think mine's called a com-fort-or). can i still sleep in my bed?

my dog's been on her period for a while and we always kick it pretty good in bed and i thought her period was over but i guess not and i've actually been sleeping in bed with a few half dollar siezed dogperiodblood spots on the pillows, com-four-door, sheets and mattress. am i okay? do i need to disinfect my sleeping arrangements?
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Just don't wash anything in hot water. That'll set the stains permanently. Soak in cold salt water.
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Wash your bedding. Spay your dog.
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I've got a golden whom I've elected to not spay for a myriad of reasons, none of which are because she's ever had or will have puppies.

She's bled on my sheets a couple times, however never more than a spot here or a spot there, and I've slept in the same bed for up to several days before washing...mostly cuz I know she'll just do it again for that week or so.

I mean, to me it's really not much different in sleeping in a bed with sheets containing semen and vaginal secretions. Human...but...whatever.
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I doubt you are in any danger from it. A bit of Oxi-Clean or similar oxygen cleaner in cold water will help get out the stains.
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It's fine, just wash your sheets. You may not be able to wash your comforter in a regular-sized washing machine. If that's the case, if it were me I would spot clean it to get the stain out. But you can also wash it at a laundromat with large washers or have it cleaned professionally by a dry cleaner.
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Also, a hydrogen peroxide soak before you wash will help get the blood out. just don't let it soak for more than an hour or so, or it may start to break down the fabric.
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asockpuppet: "Wash your bedding. Spay your dog."
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What exactly do you mean by "we always kick it really good in bed"?
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It means he likes to hang out and snuggle with his/her dog in bed. It's a nice thing, you should try it.
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It's gross - you shouldn't try it - but that's just me!
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