Help me find an intelligent soccer forum
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What comes the closest to being "the Metafilter of football/soccer"?

You might remember I asked awhile back about about keeping up with games - thanks again for the answers. I've got a good list of news sources, but nowadays I mainly want to find decent interactive discussions...

I've got plenty of the obvious news sources to check for EPL and La Liga games (Guardian, ESPN, Football365, etc), but I'm curious about forums. All the ones I've found seem to be populated with high school kids or just really bad writers. I would love some funny, smart, substantial, balanced dicussions without silly meltdowns.

Thanks in advance!
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The forums on Four Four Two's website are really great for European soccer. The mag is fantastic, the forums are a little slow, but pretty well-rounded and intelligent.
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Best answer: BigSoccer covers a very broad range of topics, primarily from a U.S. perspective, and you will get a fare share of fanboi nonsense, but most forums, especially the moderated ones, have loads for informed, intelligent and level-headed discussion. Except, of course, for the Freddy Adu threads.
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Response by poster: BigSoccer seems pretty good so far, thanks! I like Four Four Two okay but the forum seems a bit silly/shouty.

Any other suggestions?
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