Where is Russell Lee?
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Does anyone know where I can find the aerial photographs of Russell Lee?

I am looking for an archive of the aerial photographs of Russell Lee. He was with the Air Transport Command during the Second World War, and he took beautiful photos from planes. Extensive Googling has not revealed anything that is high enough resolution to make a decent print out of. On the subject of prints, if anyone knows of where I could buy prints of his aerial photographs, that would be great as well. Thanks Mefi!
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Best answer: To do it the hard way:

If you use this search engine at Texas State - San Marcos, you can pull up Air Transport Command photos by Russell Lee. There are only a couple of aerial photos listed, WG294 and WG296. Those links give the full negative numbers at the National Archives which makes sense as the ultimate archive since they were shot for the government. You can use those record numbers to do further research or order reproductions from them here (although really through their vendors).
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