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I have a Typepad blog. I would like to make all my posts that are more than a certain period old - say, a week, but that might change - inaccessible except to people who have registered with me by providing their name and email address. Can I do this using Typepad?

There don't seem to be any 'widgets' that provide this functionality. I'm not at all sure that Typepad is capable of being 'programmed' in this way, but I hope that I am wrong. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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Best answer: I manage a pack of Typepad blogs for my library. My understanding of the privacy options don't include any functionality like that, and I've never seen a widget that did such a thing. We have a wide scope of public/private needs in our blogs, so I've explored the options pretty thoroughly.

The only way to make posts truly inaccessible is to password protect the blog, and that's a per blog, not per post setting. Also, once you password protect, RSS becomes problematic for many readers.

My best suggestion is a continuous process of importing posts from the public blog (set to not archive in any way and only display X number of days) to a password-protected 2nd blog. Annoying, but maybe worth it depending on why you want the setup. I'm pretty sure no archives on the public blog means no comments there either, since the individual post URLs you need for comments are themselves an archive.
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Response by poster: Thanks. Your experience tallies with mine. Unfortunately your solution - import posts to new blog - doesn't work for me: it would mess up the links established with Google etc when the original posts were made.
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