Setting Up Filemaker Databases on an External Hosting Site
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Filemaker Filter. I need help publishing a database to a leased server- preferably in the way that my boss can access it on his iPhone.

My boss wants to access and modify his client list from his iPhone- and it's all in a Filemaker 10 database. He's got basic website hosting at Hostway (which inconveniently enough is the most difficult hosting interface in the world), and he wants to use that plan as a jumping off point for this entire process.

We've got a copy of Filemaker Server 10 (as well as FM10 Advanced, of course), but it appears to be all about Web Publishing locally to an Apache server- can't this all just get hosted simply online? Is there a SQL solution?

Thanks, as always, are in advance.
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It's not webserver based, but I'm thinking FMTouch will do what you want. He can make changes to his heart's delight and sync later, no webserver required.

If he's really set on web-based, you'll need dedicated Filemaker hosting. Take a look at FMGateway. They have a lot of useful information about the process. AFAIK, FM hosting is not a simple process.
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