Can anyone identify these songs by their melodies?
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Can anyone identify one of these songs I have stuck in my head? (Links below) - Please help!

Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

(1) is a demo song that came with my Yamaha P200 keyboard - it's quite plausible that it was composed for the keyboard, but if it is a 'real' song I'd love to know.

(2) and (3) are melodies that have got absolutely stuck in my head and I would love to know what they are if anyone can tell me! I suspect (2) to be a very old song and (3) to be a very recent one, but anything's possible.
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Response by poster: Clarification on Song 2 - I MAY be wrong, but as I recall the lyrics went something like this:

monday we always have pork saussages for tea
tuesdays pork pie
wednesdays we always have a little piece of ham
thrusdays pigs fry
fridays pigs trotters
saturday's the same
and on sunday we always have a lovely joint of pork
its a change and it varies the monotony

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I can almost guarantee you that #1 was composed for the keyboard. There is no practical way to handle copyright and royalties for a keyboard demo without it being a work for hire with no publication history.
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Don't know the answer to any of those, but to address rhizome's claim, a friend of mine had a keyboard that played Sting's "Englishman in New York" as one of the demos so it does happen from time to time.
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Along the same lines as fishmasta, my friend has an old keyboard that has "Together Forever" by Rick Astley as the demo, so it's not impossible that "real" song would be the demo.
The last one sounds like stock '50sish incidental music to me.
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re Song 2: Substitute the idea of potatoes for pork products in Song 2, and you've more or less got a well-known Yiddish folk song from Eastern Europe. Not sure if the music's the same, though.
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Song 2 sounds familiar (maybe a British Music Hall tune). I think it had a refrain like "No sir, not me" or "Oh no, not I".
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