Looking for Amazon.com discount websites
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Amazon.com discount search? JungleCrazy, a site that shows Amazon items with at least a 70% discount, has gone offline. Are there any other sites that let me search by discounts?
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Well I'll just get retailmenot.com out of the way. The Consumerist posts stuff all the time for any/all online and offline vendors.
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Best answer: Consumerist also has a special page which has links direct to amazon which use its search function to only show heavily discounted items. It's not perfect (for some reason Amazon includes plenty of items that aren't discounted much) but it does work.
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Jaluxe allows you to search for discounted fashion items.
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There are also your garden-variety hot deals sites such as slickdeals.net or bargainist.com, which link to deals on Amazon as well as any other number of websites. Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but worth a shot.
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InvisibleHand for firefox will popup and tell you if another site has the item your viewing for a lower price. I've saved a few hundred bucks with it already.
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