Looking for the right hedge for privacy.
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Botany Filter: Looking for a a 6-8 ft tall hedge to give my yard some privacy. Examples of what I like and don't like inside.

My yard is at a higher level than the street so passing cars have a pretty clear view of my back porch and yard.

From the sidewalk side there is a 6ft wall, measured from the inside it is more like 5ft, which slopes up to the house level. I'd like to plant some hedges along the inside of the wall to give me some privacy from passing motorists and pedestrians.

Some caveats:
- The area is under partial shade and only gets direct sun for 1-2 hours a day
- Has to survive the Los Angeles climate
- Drought tolerant plants would probably be best
- I prefer 'casual' hedges to rigid square ones
- Something that flowers and looks/smells nice is a bonus
- It can't be poisonous (I have a dog)
- Evergreen is preferred

Here are a few examples of what I don't like:
- Google Map Pic 1
- Google Map Pic 2

Here are a few examples of what I do like:
- Google Map Pic 3
- Google Map Pic 4

Bonus points if you can also recommend a good vine that will cover and hang over a block wall, similar to this.

Much thanks in advance!
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Bonus points if you can also recommend a good vine that will cover and hang over a block wall

Creeping fig will climb and thrive in L.A. You just need to trim it a few times a year to keep it looking manicured, like the Fred Segal building in Hollywood, on Melrose.

A note of caution, though. This is essentially a one-way trip. Once it's really established, getting creeping fig off a wall is a hell of a lot of work, likely requiring a pressure washer to get every vine fragment gone.
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Honeysuckle can work as bushes and vines. We have them growing in our yard along the fence and they're awesome. Very low maintenance and they look nice pretty much all year long. Added benefit: they attract lots of lovely hummingbirds -- and bees, so we get fantastic fruits and tomatoes from our garden.
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I'm in Santa Cruz so don't really know the LA plantlife, but jasmine and morning glory both spread pretty fast here, though they won't hold onto the wall unless you have some wires along it. They both do well for me with no water and partial sun - well enough that they need to be hacked back severely every year. Honeysuckle does similarly well here too.
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What about Oleander?
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What about Oleander?

Oleander leaves are poisonous. I've never seen a dog eat oleander, but that's not to say one wouldn't.
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