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I'm changing jobs here in a few weeks, but the new one occasionally takes up much less of my time. Thus I need an extremely flexible second job to fill the time! What's out there?

A little history: Until recently, I was working a single 8-5 full-time job (about 45 hours per week). Since then I managed to secure a more lucrative job that has extremely sporadic hours - it might require 80 hours one week, and 5 the next. I've been trying to do both, but the old job is finally getting booted.

So here's my question: In the weeks that I have very little work, what can I do to continue earning? I would need a source of income that I can pick up and put down as needed, since there's no telling when I might get slammed with a very busy workload. I know there are things out there like Mechanical Turk, but the pay is abysmal.

So how realistic am I being? Is there something out there with decent pay for the time invested that is also as flexible as I need?
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I have filled up my time with freelance work, which I can do (mostly) on my own schedule. I find work on industry websites and on Craigslist.
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I've seen people who started a business such as home inspections for expectant mothers, to baby-proof the home and install cabinet locks and socket covers. Other ideas in this vein would be home sales of whatever - Avon, Tupperware, Fuller Brushes (do they still do those?). Also fire extinguisher inspections, small business janitorial.

While these are very flexible, they are not totally on your own schedule, and might require that you know your crazy schedule a bit in advance, so maybe not for you, but it's a place to start thinking.
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Babysitting, petsitting, housesitting...
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You could be a guide at
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Find something that you can make, at home. Then find a way to sell it.

Making stuff at home is the perfect "set your own schedule" activity.
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