Recent college graduate seeking unemployment benefits in RI
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Unemployment benefits in RI

My wife graduated from a 4-year college in RI in May 2009, and since then she is unemployed. She has been, of course, looking for jobs all the time, but no luck so far.

She contacted the RI unemployment benefits office, the response she got was: "There needs to be some prior employment history, and you need to have minimum earnings requirement to qualify."

How can a recent college graduate qualify for these criteria? Is there no way she can get unemployment benefits?
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While it sucks, all unemployment benefits seem to be based on previous earnings. Without that, there's no base to work off of.
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This FAQ gives a bit of a run-down on the minimum earnings.

It looks like you needed to have a job and paid into unemployment insurance before you can withdraw.
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Unemployment insurance premiums are paid by your employer(s) while you are working. If you she doesn't have any prior employers, your wife is not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. Your state may have other social programs (welfare, food stamps, etc.) for which she is eligible, but if you are working and receive a reasonable wage (or salary), probably not.
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