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Cosmetic manufacturing in China. I've noted that certain regions of China specialize in different types of consumer goods manufacturing. Which city or region is ground zero for cosmetics manufacturing in China?

I'm interested in having a cosmetic product line (lipcare, lip gloss, lip balm, etc.) manufactured in China. Product line will use stock componentry custom overprinted with trademarked logo. I have had products produced in Taiwan of my own design. I don't need concept, design, or formulation input. My Tawainese suppliers are not suitable for this project and I want to take a trip to Mainland China to find a supplier who is capable of providing scalable production capacity for a national, and eventually, international roll out. I don't expect a recommendation to a specific cosmetic manufacturer unless you have specific experience with this type of product. The product (lip gloss) will be hot-filled in glass. I realize the manufacturers have close relationships with componentry suppliers and I also have my own sources for the componentry. Manufacturer must be capable of supplying a 1200 door international chain from 2-3 store test phase through full roll-out. Manufacturer must be willing to work with a small but rapidly expanding niche brand.There are hundreds of Chinese cosmetic manufacturers (or agents masquarading as cosmetic manufacturers) online. Please, no links to Alibaba or other China 'business lead'-generating sites. Rather, I am more interested in what city or region I should be looking at that is the absolute center for cosmetic manufacture in Mainland China so I can travel there and make some decisions after eyeballing the terrain. Any links to the pre-eminent cosmetic trade shows (in China) or China cosmetic trade organizations that you feel might be useful or helpful would also be greatly appreciated. I also would be interested in knowing what unforeseen problems you may have experienced while rolling out similar product lines. Thank you!
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Best answer: Know nothing about the industry but looking at Baidu answers (which can be about the level of Yahoo so caveat emptor) where similar questions have been asked in Chinese, this person thinks it's Guangzhou and this person agrees though the focus there is on distribution centres rather than manufacturing.
This website came up in a search in Chinese for the Guangzhou cosmetics industry association. As you can see, they claim to be associated with the semi-official body under MoCA but I can't vouch for that at all.
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Response by poster: Thank you for taking the time to search this in Chinese. Good info. Thank you Abiezer!
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