ipod touch updating error
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Unknown error 0xE8000001 from ipod touch; won't connect.

OSX 10.4.11, powerpc.

Last night, I tried to update my girlfriend's ipod touch software so that she could run apps (she'd been wanting it for a while, and I thought it would be a nice surprise). So, I paid my 4.95, downloaded the firmware… and got an error connecting to the iPod (the aforementioned 0xE8000001). I googled around, and it seemed like maybe I needed to update my iTunes version from 8 to 9. OK, so did that. Still, same error.


Now my iTunes says that I need to update my safari so that it can connect to the iTunes store, but I don't believe Safari 4 will run on a powerpc.

How can I: Revert to the earlier version of iTunes and how can I unfuck my girlfriend's iPod before she stabs me in the face?
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Safari 4 is a universal binary and will run on 10.4: "Safari 4 for Mac OS X requires...Mac OS X Tiger® version 10.4.11, a minimum 256MB of memory, and is designed to run on...a Mac with a PowerPC G5, G4 or G3 processor and built-in FireWire®."
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Try connecting the ipod touch to the machine. Start iTunes. When the ipod touch is recognized, do a restore from the ipod backup, which is an option within one of tabs.
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Response by poster: Jedicus: Cool, I'll update Safari.

Pete: No go. The ipod isn't recognized at all, and when I start iTunes, that's when I get the "Unknown error 0xE8000001" prompt.
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And if updating Safari doesn't work, the iTunes support people told me the other day to uninstall all iTunes applications and reinstall them all. Allegedly your music will still be there. I haven't tried it yet because my Touch is still recognized on my laptop, just not my desktop.
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Does the iPod still show up in Disk Utility? How about in System Profiler?
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Response by poster: MKB: Nope and nope. It was like it wasn't even there—I mean, I expected it to just read as a USB disk, but nothing.

However, updating Safari seems to have done it. Why? Who knows. It's currently restoring SO SLOWLY, but hey. At least it seems to have been resolved.

My father often recommends that my next computer be a mac as well, with the advice that "They just work." I never before grasped the sardonic undertone.
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