Looking for a Plumber in Berkeley
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Looking for a plumber in the East Bay (California).

We need some semi-major, open-up-the-walls plumbing done in Berkeley, CA, and we're looking for a licensed plumber to do the job. Does anyone know one they can recommend?
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I used the Plumbing Ministry http://www.theplumbingministry.com/

I had them re-do the water pipes throught my enitre house and they were great. I've recommended them to a couple of other people and everyone has been pretty happy. They'll come out and give you a free quote.

Good luck.
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I've used Albert Nahman Plumbing for fixit stuff, and they've been decent. I have not used them for big jobs, so I'd recommend checking their reviews elsewhere.
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Check out these extensive reviews at the Berkeley Parents Network.
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