Good couples counselor in San Francisco?
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Can anyone recommend a good couples counselor in San Francisco?

We're a late 30s-early 40s hetero couple who have been together for 6 years. Neither of us particularly wants to delve into childhood issues (I did that for years in my own therapy; my boyfriend "isn't into that kind of thing"); we're mostly trying to figure out if we want to continue to stay together. In terms of working out relationship issues, my guess is that someone oriented toward cognitive/behavioral approaches might be best.

Any information about why you're recommending the therapist would be much appreciated. Many thanks!
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not SF, but Marin-- Dr. David Mars. He is a wonderful couples therapist and teaches classes on working with couples for other therapists. If Marin is too far to travel, you still might call him for a referral to someone in SF.
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Dr. David Brandt. My ex-partner and I saw him a few years ago -- he was amazing. He has a great way of helping you talk through difficult issues and/or seeing underneath these issues.
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