Where to buy lingon berries?
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Where can I buy preserved lingon berries?

I am currently living in Orange Beach, AL with my aunt and uncle. My uncle is of Swedish descent and regularly makes Swedish meatballs. Tonight we ran out of lingon berries! The horror!

Since they are quite tasty, I thought I would ask where I could find a few jars. Preferably online, in Pensacola or Mobile. I also travel to Birmingham quite regularly (to visit family) so places in Birmingham or Montgomery would also be fine.
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I think IKEA has them, is there one of those near you?
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IKEA's store locator puts one in Atlanta... and the best I could find on their website was "lingonberry mousse." But there's got to be a way to order some from them by other means.
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Best answer: You can buy them online at Nordic House. I recommend the Felix brand - its' a common household brand.
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Best answer: Buy online at:
=> Ingebretsen's; I've ordered from this company and the people are really nice.
=> Another sources is Anderson Butik.
=> Another is Scandia Imports.
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