Recipe on a tombstone
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My Googling skills are apparently insufficient. I remember once upon a time seeing on the web a picture of a woman's tombstone that said something like "I told you you could have my (coffee cake?) recipe over my dead body" and underneath followed the recipe. Does anyone know where on the net it is? Thanks!
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Cinnamon Cake. I don't read Hebrew, though!
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One reader says this: My favorite: she found a headstone in New England that had the usual information, b.-, d.-, and the it had a recipe carved into the stone. Under that was also chiseled, "I told you the only way you were gettin this recipe was ov...more
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1 kg flour
50 gram "shmarim" (maybe someone else can help, I don't remember what that means)
quart of salt
3 eggs

7 cups of sugar
200 gram margarine
1.5 cups of milk
cinnamon to taste
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Response by poster: It wasn't in Hebrew, it was in English. What I'm looking for is a picture of it. Thanks though!
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I'm pretty sure shmarim means yeast there, if any future searchers are interested. Sorry, no leads on an English version.
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