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How can I make a Mac Tonight head?

Yes, a Halloween costume. I am thinking papier-mache or styrofoam, but I'm not sure at all how to go about it.

I am really only held back in any way by extremely limited access to power tools.

Mac Tonight was a weird McDonald's spokesmoonhead in the 80s.
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Cool idea. I would try using some kind of upholstery foam to make a half moon shape, then have a flatter front for the face. I would think you could cut and glue without power tools.

You could leave a hole for your face or make a large face and look through the mouth.
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With a mask that large, I think you need to attach the paper-mache or styrofoam to a construction hard hat. These are often on the interior of mascot costumes because they fit snugly to your head. To create the moon, you could cut several circles from the pink styrofoam insulation sheets they sell at HD and Lowe's. Cut the circles in half, stack these up and glue them together. Use a sander or hand-held file to carve the resulting half-cylinder into a moon shape. Maybe you can make a viewing hole through the mouth. Attach some giant novelty sunglasses and you're in business.

has a good tutorial for a Dwight Schrute bobblehead costume.
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I've actually worn the Mac Tonight costume (for a McDonald's, circa 1992)! Frank is right about looking through the mouth. There was basically a dark screen where the open mouth was, and that's where I was peeking out. Wish I could be more help on the construction.
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My Mom made one for my father years ago when that campaign was running. I was super young at the time, but I believe it was felt attached to cardboard box material over a wooden frame.
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