Help me listen to lastfm in itunes
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I just bought a airport express to listen to my tunes on my stereo in the living room. Since the AP-Express will only play music through itunes anyone point me in a direction to do the following: I would like to create a station in lastfm and have it stream through itunes. Anyone aware of a freeware solution. Imac 10.5.8
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You are quite likely looking for AirTunes.
posted by tmcw at 2:50 PM on October 25, 2009

Check out LastFMProxy, which you can control in your browser and use to create a fake "local" MP3 stream that iTunes should be able to play. Requires Python to be installed, but you don't need to know anything about scripting to set it up or use it.
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Costs money, but check out AirFoil. It streams any sound to any AirTunes speakers or other computers around your house.
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Upon further review, what tmcw is calling AirTunes is AirFoil.
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3rding AirFoil. That's the solution you're looking for.
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