Sharif wore a cape, and other soch bio's.
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Are there books on the history of sociology (or social psycology) told through the sociologists?

I finished Bill Brysons book "A brief history of everything" a few months back and enjoyed it. Today I heard an anicdote about my first love, social psycology. It mentioned that a snide remark from Freud to Gordon Allport about Allport being a dirt fetisisht helped to speed up the movement away from Freudian psych in America. I want more! Does a book like this exist?
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Craig Calhoun's edited volume, Sociology in America: A History might be what you're looking for, but I doubt it will be as witty or engaging as Bryson's book.
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Four Sociological Traditions by Randall Collins (1994, Oxford University Press)
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