What are fishtank plant sculptures made of (and are they toxic)?
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My wife bought this fishtank plant sculpture. One of the 'rocks' got chipped, leaving a big white spot (looks like plaster). Is it still safe to use?

Can't find any material information on the packaging or on the web. We think it might just be ceramic.

Instinct says "Of course it's safe! It's designed for a fishtank. The material would have to be safe"

Skeptic says "Companies always try to minimize costs, so they may use some semi-toxic material, but so long as they cover it with plastic/paint that has a 95% chance of containment, they can sell it."

We are going to call up the company and see if they'll just exchange it, but if anyone has any insight, we'd appreciate it.
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jamaro nailed it. It's probably fine, aquarium epoxy or silicone could seal it, but check with the manufacturer. Their goal is to keep you happy with the product, not to ignore you and be branded in your mind as the people who killed your fish.
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