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Quick! Geocities closes shop tomorrow! Is there an efficient way to search my favorites/bookmarks for geocities pages that might be in there? So I can steal the content before it goes bye bye?

Content is king -- I'd rather save a page to my hard drive than lose the content altogether.
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In Firefox: Bookmarks --> Organize Bookmarks --> search for "geocities" in search bar in upper right corner.
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If you use Firefox on Windows, your bookmarks are stored in a straight HTML file called C:\Documents and Settings\[YourUsername]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default.[randomstring]\bookmarks.html. For other operating systems, this page shows how to find your profile folder.

You can open this file in notepad and ctrl-F for the word "geocities" to see.
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What browser are you using?

Most browsers will let you export your favorites as HTML. Do that, and open up that file, view source, and search for "" That'll give you a list of all the websites you have bookmarked on the domain. Or, in Firefox, you can go to Organize Bookmarks and search directly from there. Then you can browse to those sites, and "Save as..." and save the webpage locally.
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You will guess from meadowlark lime's answer: we would need to know where your bookmarks are saved and how you would like to save the pages.

In Opera, open the bookmarks tab and enter geocities in the quick search. Select all bookmarks and press enter. In every window use File > Save as.. > Web archive... to save the content of the page to your hard disk.
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Response by poster: Browsers: IE7.? & Firefox 2.?. I'm not at my primary PC right now.
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Thank you SO MUCH for posting this question... I checked my bookmarks and found several things I wanted to save. It didn't even occur to me that there might be content disappearing that I would care about.
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Best answer: Oh, and, after a quick check: IE stores bookmarks in a folder called Favorites in your profile directory. This will be in either C:|Documents and Settings\(username), or C:\Users\(username). You should just be able to search that folder with the standard search tools.
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Best answer: There's always the Wayback Machine: GeoCities Special Collection 2009.
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Best answer: Building on top of what shinybeast said, there is a project being built to archive Geocities data/pages. The projects details page is here.. I'm not sure how far along they are.
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Response by poster: Thank you all.
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