Dark Corners: huh?
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Plateofbeaning Dark Corners the movie? Oddities, trivia and overanalysis for your amusement. Spoilers inside, I'm sure.

Having just watched Dark Corners, which I found quite interesting, I noticed several oddities that I don't know if they go only as far as tidbits and trivia, or instead might be winks to something. Plus one truly WTF moment for bonus.

1) In the mortuary there seems to be a fireplace. It is decorated with the prominently displayed "AUDI VIDE TACE" motto betweena pair of things that look like cowbells. Google suggests this is some masonic motto. Wha?

2) Susan parades around the las minutes of the movie in a t-shirt that blatantly cries "Camp Watexa". Google=fail. Wha? bis.

3) What the hell are we supposed to make of the evil kid that bites off a chunk of Karen's leg? Some extra Freudian wink I'm not in the know about?

4) WTF bonus: on the second hypnotherapy session, Susan wakes up and there's a big hairy male arm just, er, grabbing her boob. She doesn't seem to realize, and there's noone around her sofa that arm belongs to. I can't imagine this is a blooper, boob grabbing, come on?
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