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Why is Stir of Echoes trending on Google?

I just watched Kevin Bacon supernatural thriller Stir of Echoes. I Googled the film a couple of hours ago, and one of the results was Google Trends, which showed the film to be the sixth-most searched for term in America at that time. Can anyone explain why a 1999 film would suddenly draw a lot of attention? And have I suddenly been blessed with Bacon-style ESP?
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Best answer: According to some quick TV guide searches, it's recently been playing on the USA network. I know I often search for details on a movie when it's playing on TV, so I'd imagine that's common. It's back down to 32nd on the trend list now.
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By the way, a number 6 ranking means it was the sixth "fastest-rising search", not the sixth-most searched for term. About Google Trends.
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