Rosie Perez clip from White Men Can't Jump
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Can anyone find me a clip of Rosie Perez saying "Mount Suvius" in White Men Can't Jump? Thanks!
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I cannot. But...

If you have a Netflix account with one of the "unlimited plans", you should be able to watch the film in your browser, cue it up to the Jeopardy scene* towards the very end and then, if you have an audio-recording app like AudioHijackPro you should be able to grab the line yourself.

*"This volcano's eruption buried the city of Pompeii in A.D.—"
"What is Mount Soovius?"

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If you don't have the Netflix account, you might be able to acquire the movie through some other means, like the public library or file-sharing networks. It's also possible the clip is on YouTube (I went through the first couple pages of WMCJ results, though, and didn't see it.
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Uh, let's go ahead and close that parentheses.)
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Best answer: YouTube search for "rosie perez jeopardy".
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