how to print XKCD with image title?
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How can I print an xkcd image with the alternate text and title? Or, even better, save it as a PDF.

I can easily print and save the image, but would like some method that would include the title displayed at the top (shown in image properties as "alternate text") as well as the mouse-over text (shown in image properties as "title").

I could cut and paste all this into a word doc, but as the desire to print xkcd to liven up my basement cubicle is frequent, I was looking for a streamlined method.
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Comics Alt Text, a greasemonkey extension.
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Best answer: also, the XKCD specific solution.
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Response by poster: The first one didn't work for me -- it creates a box below the comment where the mouse-over text appears (only when you mouse over). I could be missing something.

the second one, however, fulfills my hopes and desires!
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First, mouse over the image so the alt text is in a nice location.

Next, press the Print Screen key.

Then, open up MSPaint (or whatever) and paste.

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