Online self-managed coginitive-behavioral therapy solution?
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I found an article where researchers experimented with online self-managed coginitive-behavioral therapy ( Does such a system exist online?
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This was recently on the blue. Similar to what you're looking for, perhaps.
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I came across this MoodGYM site once a few years ago and enjoyed working through it.
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I enjoyed the Tools to Life program. Might be close.
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I see MoodGYM has already been mentioned, from the same people there's also e-couch which is also based on CBT and IPT like MoodGYM.

There was a German study in the news a while back about an online self-managed CBT system, which is still active but only available with a referral from your GP or similar. And in the Netherlands there are two that I know of: Grip op je dip and Kleur je leven; one aimed at the youth and the other at adults and the elderly (from what I've been able to gather).
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