Looking for Decisonmaking Style Selection tool
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I am looking for a leadership tool I used to use back in the late nineties, but can't find anymore. It was a flowchart intended to help a person determine which decisionmaking style to use in a particular set of circumstances. Essentially it takes the D1-D5 framework (where D1 is highly directive and D5 is highly collaborative), and sets up a flowchart process that helps the person determine which to use. So for example it would ask “Will other people be affected by the decision” (yes argues for collaboration) and “Will other people's acceptance of the decision be required for implementation” (yes argues for collaboration).

I am specifically looking for a flowchart; I already have a description of the decisionmaking styles and the contexts for which each is appropriate. Thanks for any help you can provide :-)
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I fired up the way-back machine and found the Vroom-Yetton model. I'm not sure if this is precisely what you're looking for, but it certainly addresses the key factors you referenced.
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