What is this cereal I enjoyed so much as a child in the UK?
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What was this cereal I enjoyed so much as a child in the UK?

I lived in Britain as a small child from about 1989 to 1991 and while living there had a cereal I enjoyed but have completely forgotten the name of. The major thing I remember about it was that it had chocolate chips that I would go 'diving' for with a spoon.

It was probably a cereal with flakes or oats in it. I get reminiscent about it most when I'm eating cereals that are sweet, kind of nutty, possibly with nut clusters in them (maybe it had little balls of nut cluster?).

There may have been an elephant on the box, but that's an extremely vague recollection.

What kind of cereal is this? Is it still made? Is there a way for me to get it in the US?

Thanks - this has been driving me nuts for years!
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Possibly Choco Crispies, featuring Melvin the Elephant? Or another elephant mascot of Cocoa Crispies? Read alllll about it here, under Mascots. There have been at least 3 elephant mascots for various brands of the cereal all over the world, it seems.
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I know I also ate Choco Crispies at another time while living there, so that's probably where the elephant came from.

The cereal I can't remember was a blond color and only had small chocolate chips in it. Did Jordan's once have chips instead of shavings?
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Crunchy Nut Clusters?
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I think we can rule out Weetabix.
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Perhaps Cookie Crisp?
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