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What are good dedicated indexing applications for creating indexes for print books?

In previous posts I've seen mentions only of Cindex (about which I've heard disparaging comments elsewhere), and I've heard of a couple other apps. What apps do indexers recommend and why?
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The American Society for Indexers covers the territory here. Cindex and SKY Index are supposed to be the best, but both are expensive. I've also written indexes in Word. It's a bit more work to alphabetize, but not too bad if you only have the one to do.
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I indexed my book using TExtract, and I liked it.
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I've used Sonar Bookends InDex for three books so far. It's not a standalone application, but rather a plug-in for InDesign (or Quark). From their site: "You can generate an index based on word frequency, proper nouns, subjects of sentences, a list of words and phrases you supply, marked items, or any combination thereof. First and last names can be reversed automatically, duplicate entries removed, and a multiple-level index generated."
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