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I need some joint (and punnish) costume ideas that are relevant and funny. Two people 30ish. Things like "bangers and M*A*S*H", so fresh and so clean.... Idea + implementation is ideal. Thanks in advance!

I have access to excellent costume shops, second-hand clothing stores, and army surplus. I have all day Saturday to put this together.
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Many years ago, two friends showed up at a party wearing venetian blinds around their necks. They were "the blind leading the blind."
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Several years ago I did a mash-up of Gabe Kaplan and Harry Potter = Welcome Back Potter.
Of course, one guy thought I was a combination of Groucho Marx and Blacula...

Favorite Pairing from others:
Guy dressed normal with a potato hanging at crotch level.
Girl dressed normal with a lemon hanging at same place.
Together they were Dictator and Sourpuss.
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A couple I know dressed up as a Duracell battery and a salt shaker - assault and battery.
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A friend of mine wore this costume himself a few years ago, but I don't see why you couldn't break it into two. On the front of his shirt was a name tag that said "Susan" and on the back of his shirt was an enormous letter P. He had done makeup around one eye as if he had been punched. Depending on if he had the shirt on front/back he was both a blackeyed pea and a blackeyed Susan.

(This was the same friend who came to a Mommie Dearest costume party dressed as the rosebush, so I've always thought he was a costume savant.)
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I think I've posted this on the green before, but have one person wear fishing wader pants and another person carrying an oar, and have them do battle.

Roe versus Wade.
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One of my favorite costumes I remember from college were the two guys in regular clothes holding a piece of fried chicken on a plate, going as "two men walking abreast"
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One year me and my then-gf-now-wife went as a Pig in a blanket. She took a big thing of fabric and cut a hole into the top. I got some plastic pig ears and a pig nose from a costume shop and wore pink clothing. I didn't have a tail but you could make one fairly easily using pipe cleaner. To complete the costume she'd give me a hug and voila - pig in a blanket. This costume is cheap and easy for people to understand once it's put together. A potential downside: when not being a blanket people thought she was a Mexican because it kind of looked like a poncho.
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Holy Shit, Tough shit and Bull Shit look really easy to make.

That site has some other funny ones you could riff off of, like: Venetian blind(s), One night stand, Pussy Magnet.
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Surreal killer: one dressed as Dali, the other carrying a bloody knife.
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one person dresses as a hippie, one person dresses as a mime.

you are peace and quiet.
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Marx (Groucho) and Lennon.
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P & NP
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