Given the rate of a fish upstream, what is the speed of that fish in still water. Eh?
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InterviewPrepFilter: I need to brush up on my numerical reasoning. I'm looking for ways to master things like word/story problems (probability, work-rate, distance), and some math review. I have good logic skills, but basic math can be confusing for me, esp. under pressure. Tutoring is not really an option and anything that is cram-friendly is also good. Any books, resources, tips, general guidance from math-y people ?
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Any of the GRE books. The GRE for Dummies is good, as are Barron's GRE flashcards. I really hope you're not taking the GRE though...that thing is no fun.
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I am studying for the GMAT now and the Kaplan GMAT Math Review really helped me.....but maybe too basic for you...I would consider it a damn good start if all you need is brushing up on your skills.
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I'm finding Princeton Review's "Manual for the GRE" very helpful in relearning basic math, geometry, and algebra skills. The review is easy to understand and includes a lot of word problems to help reinforce the lessons. (This is different book, btw, from the main "Practicing to take the GRE" text that most people seem to have.)
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We are good at things we practice. You need to do a lot of drill in order to get good at doing problems. Unfortunately, practicing things you do not understand will not help you. In my experience, the first thing you need to do is to learn how to teach the lesson you are studying. I find the best way to learn anything is to teach it. Pretend you are writing a math book. How would you go about teaching this lesson? Only once you can explain the lesson to someone who has never heard of the idea before should you go on to drill.
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