Where can I find a picture of Lou Reed, Salman Rushdi and John McEnroe together?
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A friend of mine had on his wall a picture of Lou Reed, Salman Rushdie and John McEnroe - which I think he got out of Vanity Fair magazine. I've dug through archives (and googled etc.) but am at a loss. Has anyone seen this pic? p.s. is this an appropriate Askmefi question?
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It is. The photo, if it exists, was probably taken at the Vanity Fair Tribeca Film Festival Party 2002. A shot of Reed, his wife Laurie Anderson, and Rushdie at this event is on this page, with separate shots of McEnroe and his wife.
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For what it's worth, it seems appropriate to me, and I'm one of those people who get fussy sometimes.
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is this an appropriate Askmefi question?

yes, because 1) you tried to find it yourself first, 2) you're asking for a specific answer to a specific question rather than an opinion (some would disagree with me on this one, and yeah, it is a grey area) and 3) you've provided enough information in a concise couple sentences for someone to give you an answer without having to ask more questions.

(personally i think #1 is the most important -- 95% of the questions i've thought about asking mefi are already answered elsewhere on the internet -- you just need to spend some time with google).

good job!

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Remove the P.S. and it's fine.
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Is THIS an appropriate question?
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