Embracing the dis!Did Neil Young ever perform "Sweet Home Alabama"?
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In this 1995 interview, Neil Young mentions that he played the Lynyrd Skynyrd song, Sweet Home Alabama, live a couple of times. When and where did Neil Young perform Sweet Home Alabama live?

In Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd famously call out Young for the depiction of the South in his song, Southern Man. I am interested in finding more information about Young's reaction to this "dis."
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Skynyrd famously call[ed] out Young for...the his song, Southern Man

I think it was also for his song Alabama, no?
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Yes, they were also responding to Alabama
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Some interesting reading here and here. And apparently Young's song "Walk On" has a loose reference to this as well.
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Sugar Mountain lists one single performance in 1977, as part of a segue from Alabama, and there's a torrent of the full gig on Dime.
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And Neil Young always claimed that Sweet Home Alabama was one of his favorite songs. And legend has it that he was an honorary pall bearer at Ronnie's funeral… such is the Duality of the Southern Thing - Drive-By Truckers 'The Three Great Alabama Icons', see also 'Ronnie and Neil'
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I checked out the 1977 performance mentioned by anagrama. In the track mentioned, Young plays his song Alabama and concludes with a refrain consisting of the words "sweet home Alabama," but he does play the tune of the Lynyrd Skynyrd song or sing any of the other lyrics.
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Sugar Mountain is the bible as far as NY setlists go, so if there were any other attempts then they haven't been recorded or documented.
It kinda makes sense for that to be the only one though, since it came during Neil's first gig following Lynyrd Skynyrd's plane crash a fortnight earlier.
(and sorry, didn't realise it was only a fragment - my torrent is still only 60% complete)
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