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Auto-generated numbers using Open Office base. Can it pick up where I left off?

Hi there. I'm trying to create a simple database for storing purchase orders. Right now everything is done in Excel and information has to be re-input in 4 different spreadsheets. So I am attempting to build something I can use.

Currently we're up to PO number 1525. Ideally I'd like to have Base start with order number 1526 & keep going from there. Is that possible? And I'd like that PO number to be the primary key to avoid dupes. Is that also possible? I've looked high and low and can't get it to auto-generate without getting errors when adding a new record.

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After you create a table you can write some SQL to change the starting value for the auto-value field you use for your PO number. I'm not sure on the specifics, though.
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Best answer: Going off this guide, it looks like the thing you want is:
alter table "Table1" alter column "ID" restart with 100
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Response by poster: Tell me you guys, what is it like being awesome? Thanks! I shall remember auto-incrementation for my next googling!
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