Motorola S9 Headphones - Hard Case?
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I need a hard case for my Motorola S9-HD Wrap Around Headphones. They came with a cloth pouch, but I need something solid to protect the headphones from being crushed while in my bag.

Does anyone in the MiFi crowd have these headphones and a hard case, or know where I could buy one? I would even be willing to pay to have a case made.

All thoughts are welcome!

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Photos of the headphones:

Here is a link to the Motorola site:

And a few random google image results of the headphones:
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Response by poster: Anyone know of a company that can make custom cases for electronics/gadgets?
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You might want to look into something like an OtterBox, it's a crush proof case which has the added benefit of being waterproof. A lot of outdoor/ hunting/ camping stores carry these (or similar products) so you might want to bring your headphones and see if you can find the smallest one that will actually hold them.
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The Container Store probably has something close to that size until you decide to go custom or roll your own with cast resin or somethin.
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Response by poster: The OttorBox looks good, but the dimension I need for the inside of the case at 5.5" w 5.5" L 2.5" H.

Pelican Cases seems to have some, but they're a bit bulky.

Anyone else know of of websites/companites that sell hard cases?


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