Nervous and cardiovascular systems detail for high school A&P?
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Hello! I am leading an Anatomy & Physiology study group for homeschooled teens. The aim is to work at the advanced high school level, but I'm using a college textbook (Thibodeau & Patton), as the illustrations and charts are more useful, and it might come in handy for them for later reference. But I'm not sure how deep to delve.

Does anyone know the detail with which HS A&P classes generally tackle the nervous and cardiovascular systems? I've found some syllabi online, but nothing with enough information to tell me how deep to go. I, myself, didn't take A&P til college.

Many thanks!
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Best answer: I took A&P in high school (3 years ago).

We covered influxes of Calcium in the nervous system, different types of neural cells, the action potential changes in axons with and without myelin sheaths, a few different types of neurotransmitters.

For cardiovascular systems, i was made to memorize some of the major arteries and veins, and we covered the components of blood and each component's function, the importance of a closed circulatory system, we went REALLY deep into the anatomy of the heart (importance of 4 chambers, 2 types of valves, types of muscle in the heart and proteins involved in making the heart able to withstand constant beating, importance of coronary arteries, where the coronary arteries get their blood from).

If you'll ask more specific questions, i'll to my best to answer them for you. MeMail me if you'd like, or post here, whatever.
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Best answer: I was homeschooled in last high school.

I find in general try and teach them at as high a level as they can possible stand, sometimes if kids don't know it's suppose to be too hard to learn it isn't. Start out just flat out teaching the college text, see how it goes. Trick is, of course is to stay alert and adjust accordingly.
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Response by poster: Hey, guys! I appreciate your replies. I'm taking the tactic of teaching at a pretty high level, but with reduced memorization of muscles, bones, bone markings, etc. It's helpful to have some feedback on my first time doing this!
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