How can I force Excel 2007 to save as a single html file?
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How can I force Excel 2007 to save as a single html file?

At work we use an application (Tririga) which can take uploaded excel spreadsheets in html format in order to perform calculations.

Previous versions of excel would output a single html document, which worked beautifully. Excel 2007 now outputs a folder structure with the base html file using frame references for the actual content.


These spreadsheets are maintained by end users, so an optimal solution would be finding some hidden setting in Excel rather than a multistep process.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Try saving as an mhtml ("Web Archive") file.
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The application we use doesn't recognize .mht / .mhtml files. Looking at the file in notepad, it seems to be a standard html file.

This looks like it will work, buzzv, by simply renaming the file extension to .htm.

Is anybody aware of any differences between the mhtml and regular html files that may through a kink into things?
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Found a workaround through trial and error. Instead of saving the excel form report, we used the 'Publish' option found in the Save As dialog screen.

This gave us a single htm file (Report.htm) instead of the multiple file structure.

Note that we also tried using the save as "Single Web Page" option, but that gave us a web archive file (*.mht) which Tririga could not recognize.
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