Rochester NY Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner?
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I'm looking for a good restaurant near Rochester NY where we can go for Thanksgiving dinner. I can't see us cooking for hours when there's only going to be four of us this year. My wife is going to want to eat a traditional turkey dinner, although I wouldn't mind eating a steak if I can get one.
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I believe that Keenan's, in Irondequoit, will have a Thanksgiving dinner, though it doesn't say so on their website (I think I remember seeing it last year).

Mario's doesn't have a steak, but it does have corn dogs for the kids!
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I took the family to the Crescent Beach Inn a couple of times. They're on Lake Ontario, with great views, and did a really nice Thanksgiving buffet. Get reservations now.

They also do a ton of Christmas lights, the offical lighting is 11/20.
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You might want to check to see if 2Vine is doing anything for Thanksgiving. I've been here with my family numerous times and it is very nice restaurant with excellent food.
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I'll offer an alternative and suggest you cook at home doing something that will be well worth the effort…check out Mark Bittman's (both available from the NY Times, I believe) recipes for braised turkey and turkey confit. I just prepared a 15 pound bird this way.

I used the breasts and two thighs for the braised recipe. I used the legs and the wings for the confit. With the leftovers, we are feeding The Boy™, slicing a little bit of it cold for sandwiches and ploughman lunches and have made a drop-biscuit pot pie. (This is adapted from Cooks Illustrated. A second is in the freezer. It's easily made with the veggie/bacon/sausage/mushroom mix from the braising.) Soup — Turkey-ginger-lemon-mint from the Washington Post — is also in the works with stock from the carcass and more leftover breast.

I had another recipe for turkey-mushroom risotto but we are skipping that one this time around. I started with the braising recipe 9 days ago. We just had the second round of confit for dinner tonight and have about 1/4 of a breast remaining. I will do this again — in about a month. It's all been that good.

Oh, yeah. This has all been in a family of three. And one of us is a not quite 4 year-old boy.
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