oh, and it needs to not look like crap.
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What's the best online print shop these days? Caveat: must have cheap options for small runs.

I want to make some single-page, full-year calendars for gifts this year. I was thinking something poster-sized, on a lightweight cardstock, and only about 10 copies. Are there any online printing companies that can do this for me for under $100 or so? I saw this question from last year, but all the sites linked to seem to only do large (250+) runs.
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How about lulu.com? They say 5 calendars for $40.
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I would seriously suggest you talk to a local, full-service print shop in your area. At only 10 copies, this job will definitely be run-off on a large digital printer (basically a large-scale inkjet, but much, much, much better) And, while damned near every little shop has one of these anymore, your chances for quality output and color-accuracy are going to be much greater from an actual commercial press (i.e. a place that takes color seriously)

You might have to work with the printer on paperstock, though, depending on what they can run through their particular machine.

The Lulu.com option is a good one if you want to change your idea from a single poster-sized print to a conventional month-by-month calendar format.
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I often have small print jobs and use Staples Copy and Print for them. They do custom calendars, though I can't speak to those personally. You can create online and pick them up at a store, or go into the store to work with someone to do it. 11x17 single image, yearly calendars are $6.99 each.
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Oh and disregard the $9.99 thing on the page I linked to. That's for month-by-month. There are more options inside.
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Response by poster: I guess the local Kinko's is the smartest (cheapest, easiest) route. And to clarify, I'm not looking to create the calendar at the printer's; this is more like a big image or poster. I'm basically going to make my own version of Miriam Bereson's Yearly Planner, minus the Australian national holidays.
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OfficeMax does this in store as well.
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