Boltbus Refund Question
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Is it possible to get a refund from Bolt Bus?

I made a mistake while booking on the website and instead of booking a ticket for NYC to Baltimore, I booked a ticket for Baltimore to NYC.

Everything I've read seems to point to the fact that getting a refund from Boltbus is impossible.

What are some things I might be able to say to the Bolt Bus customer service people in order to get them to switch my ticket from Baltimore to NYC, to the other way around?
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I missed my bus by 10 minutes going out of Boston, and I got there the same time as people who'd bought a reverse ticket (as you did). We all just explained pitifully and politely to the agent, and he put us on standby for the next bus. We all got on.

Not official policy, certainly, but worth a shot.
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Honestly, just tell them what you told us. You're human and you made an error. Something that anyone, even the ticketing agent, could make. Make sure to emphasize the part where it's your fault, don't demand that your ticket get reversed, but rather ask for suggestions on what you should do. You will get the ticket reversed.
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Would you be wanting a refund or an exchange? I have successfully exchanged a ticket (changing dates) by telling a (true) sob story to the customer service. I think it helped that I was changing it from a high volume day to a low volume passenger day.
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I sent them an e-mail and they gave me a credit. I was able to rebook a few months later with that credit.
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Response by poster: I want an exchange. However, I could not find anything on the site referencing an exchange so I figured it would be classified as a refund.

Ok, these answers are giving me hope.
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Response by poster: I had to pay 5.50 but they did exchange it. Better than having to buy a new one.
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The $5.50 could have been the difference in fare. Every seat on those types of buses sometimes cost a different amount. Even when I by two tickets on the same bus, the second is about $0.50 more than the first.
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