Missing video: 3rd person live vide
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A year or two back there was an online video (Boingboing tv?) showing an interview with a young artist (British?) who had mounted a camera behind and above his back, which fed the live video to goggles he wore. He'd also dressed in a getup that would make him look like a game character, spiky hair and such. "Live 3rd person perspective" in other words. Half an hour of googling and I can't find the darn video or any info relating to the artist. I think part of the video was shot in Japan, where he staggered around and posed in front of people, รก la WoW taunting.
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Best answer: http://www.boingboing.net/2008/04/11/bbtv-avatar-machine.html

google search for reference: site:www.boingboing.net third person camera
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Response by poster: Excellent!, thanks Leon.

Also, thanks for the reference. I was close but no doughnut: site:www.boingboing.net third person perspective.
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